Cognex® Machine Vision Products

In-Sight® Vision Systems

Our main product range, In-Sight® vision systems are rugged, industrial systems that can solve virtually any vision task.  Available in a wide range of form factors, performance levels, and resolutions to match the exact requirements of each application, In-Sight systems are easy to understand and quick to configure, with a unique built in suite of communications capabilities for easy integration with any PLC, robot, HMI or manufacturing system.  Ideal for deployment by manufacturing companies, OEMs, and by system integrators.

Checker® Vision Sensors

Checker® vision sensors are the easiest and most affordable way to solve simple, single-function vision tasks, such as determining the presence or absence of parts in an assembly.  Self contained, with built in lighting, optics, camera, processor, and industrial interfacing in a package designed to fit into the tightest of spaces, Checker is ideal for applications that are currently served by photoelectric sensors.  Used extensively by both manufacturers and OEMs.

VisionPro® Vision Software

VisionPro® vision software offers the highest performance and most advanced vision tools for even the most demanding of vision applications. Designed specifically for advanced system integrators and OEMs who prefer the image acquisition flexibility and programmability that PC-based solutions provide.